Go Team Powerscourt Estate

Go Team Powerscourt Estate

1 - 3 hours
Indoors and Outdoors
Competitive / Collaborative
8 - Unlimited


Go Team Powerscourt Estate is a fun outdoor team building activity which uses iPads to navigate around the grounds of Powerscourt Estate completing challenges.

Teams are each given an iPad to navigate their way around the grounds of Powerscourt Estate. The GPS arrow directs teams to a number of checkpoint challenges scattered all over the grounds of the estate. At each checkpoint teams are required to complete photo, video and quiz based tasks together as a team. These challenges encourage creative thinking and teamwork. The aim is to complete as many checkpoint challenges as possible, the team with the most challenges completed will gain the most points. The iPad maps show where competing teams are located on the grounds which adds a little competition to the game! The Go Team app has a messenger feature which allows teams to contact the game controller at any point throughout the activity.

Learning Outcomes

Go Team Powerscourt Estate encourages strategic planning, creative thinking, teamwork, communication and is a shared experience for teams.

Corporate Social Responsibility Outcomes

All Go Team treasure hunts can be designed to give back with a Corporate Social Responsibility aspect. Check out Go Team Go Give for more information!

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