Rat Trap

Teams build & connect a series of enormous contraptions to trap a rat!

1 - 2 hours
10 - Unlimited


Imagine the atmosphere as your team enters a toy shop full of giant sized construction pieces - a set of metal and plastic components, parts, nuts and bolts, ready to be made into mechanical models! The objective is to build a series of large contraptions which, when placed in the right sequence, perform an amazing chain reaction of events where each device triggers the next in an ingenious way. Execution of every element of a plan needs to be perfect to create a knock on effect to other teams working towards the same goal. If teams get everything right the final piece is triggered, the one tonne weight drops and the rat gets it (well not literally).

Learning Outcomes

Rat Trap is a team building event where groups work collaboratively to achieve a common goal. Rather than being led by instructions, teams use their own ingenuity to work out what goes where and who does what. This means the end result is a pure representation of their endeavours, resourcefulness and communication. In Rat Trap teams need to be conscious of the bigger picture, as each structure has to be built in the right way and be placed in the right position for everything to work. Working within time constraints means that good communication between teams is essential for the seamless integration of every team’s efforts, leading to success in a spectacular finale.

Related Testimonial

Being faced with a room of bits inspired everyone to think laterally and work together.


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